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Painless Delivery: Benefits of Painless Regular Delivery

The beginning of a great journey is becoming a mother. With the arrival of your bundle of joy, the incredible bond you have enjoyed with your unborn child for the past nine months comes to a head. However, the birthing process that occurs when someone crosses over is frequently terribly painful. New women frequently experience fear during natural birth. Although an elective C-section was previously the only option, modern science has made some ground-breaking strides that may help reduce labor pain to a manageable degree. Epidural analgesia, sometimes known as painless birth, is only an option for regular deliveries.

What is Painless Delivery?

It is possible to have a painless birth by using a form of localized anesthesia that reduces discomfort during natural labor. The mother’s lower back is injected to administer the epidural anesthetic. It takes the drug 10 to 15 minutes to begin working. For women who would otherwise opt for a C-section but have a lower pain threshold, this is a potential alternative.

How is anesthesia administered during an epidural?

While getting the epidural, you might have to sit still with your back slightly arched. By putting a tiny tube into the lower portion of your spinal cord, the Painless Normal Delivery Doctors in Punjab will catheterize your lower back. To deliver epidural anesthesia during labor, the needle is taken out and the catheter is taped into place. When you are in active labor, your gynaecologist will give you an epidural, which numbs your pelvis and everything below it while you’re still conscious. You should be warned that it does not completely relieve pain, though.

The Benefits of an Epidural

  • Women who have painless delivery have a chance to give birth naturally with only a few interventions. It has contributed to a decrease in the number of elective C-sections performed in India.
  • A woman can choose to receive an epidural during labor if she believes she can’t manage the pain, is exhausted from pushing, or has an emergency that might need an urgent C-section.
  • It enables the mother to concentrate on giving birth by reducing pain. It is a relaxing aid and can minimize the tiredness and irritability that most women experience during childbirth, lowering the likelihood of post-partum problems.
  • It helps the baby descend naturally by relaxing the pelvic and vaginal muscles.
  • It also helps to lower the mother’s blood pressure, which would otherwise rise during labor to riskily high levels.

Epidural Side Effects or Risks

  • While obtaining an epidural is completely safe for both the mother and the unborn child, some people may feel fever, breathing problems, nausea, dizziness, back pain, and shaking.
  • The new mother may experience severe headaches that resemble migraines as a result of some epidural leakage into the spine.
  • The duration of labor may be extended if an epidural is used.
  • The woman could develop urine incontinence following birth. Then, a catheter might be used.
  • It may take some time before you can walk because it makes your entire lower body numb.

Conclusion: Using Entonox, which is nitrous oxide and oxygen delivered through a breathing mask, and water delivery are two additional options for painless deliveries. Many women have had wonderful natural birth experiences thanks to painless delivery techniques like epidurals. Only after carefully assessing the advantages and downsides and discussing the procedure with Painless Normal Delivery in Ludhiana should you decide to proceed.

Painless Normal Delivery Pregnancy Shuchita Batra

Top 8 Pregnancy Exercises for a Painless Normal Delivery

Exercise has turned into an important part of our daily routine to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Pregnant women are continuously looking for safe, effective activities that will enable them to deliver their baby normally and return, after the baby is born, to their pre-pregnancy habits and work.

Are pregnant exercises for a Painless Normal Delivery available to all women?

Exercise is recommended for mothers with particular medical conditions to ensure a Painless Normal Delivery in Ludhiana. These mainly include

  • Moms with diseases including diabetes, heart problems, or asthma.
  • Moms who had preterm births, hemorrhage, or earlier miscarriages during their pregnancies.

Are all types of exercise safe during pregnancy?

Even while the majority of workouts and sports can be used as pregnant exercises for normal delivery, there are a few that must be avoided:

  • Such as football and volleyball, are contact sports.
  • Exercises that call for excessive breath holding.
  • Jumping, hopping, and other bouncing-related activities

What pregnancy exercises are recommended for a healthy delivery?

How at ease you are with a fitness regimen is something only you can decide for yourself. But make sure to always talk to your doctor in advance about your intended fitness routine or pregnant yoga for a normal birth!

Moms of all ages can do the following general exercises:

  1. Walking During Pregnancy: Walking has been shown to provide incredible health benefits. Walking calms you down improves digestion and its related health issues, and also controls blood pressure for pregnant women.
  1. Squats During Pregnancy: Any woman who warms up with squats is aware of how effective this seemingly basic workout is. Squats during pregnancy help your pelvic region contract and relax to reduce the pain of delivery.
  1. Kegel Exercises for Pregnancy: Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor. This is essential for both a healthy delivery and after recovery.

Look up the following evergreen poses:

  • Stick Pose – Yastikasana
  • Twisted pose – Vakrasna
  • Butterfly pose – Bhadrasana
  • Chair pose – Utkatasana
  • Mountain pose – Parvatasana
  1. Pelvic Tilts During Pregnancy: Now is the time to use your yoga mat. Pelvic tilts will help strengthen your back muscles and are also quite helpful during labor. Simply stoop down and place your knees on the ground.
  1. Forward Leaning During Pregnancy: This exercise, which can be done up to the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, is said to help gently move your baby into the proper position for birth.
  1. Opening Hips Squat During Pregnancy: This deep squat is a crucial exercise for a healthy birth and will help you release energy through your pelvic region. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and flex your knees to complete a normal squat.
  2. Swimming While Pregnant: Swimming keeps you in shape while assisting your body in adjusting to pregnancy. During the third trimester, it is very beneficial for pregnant women to unwind in a pool to ease the pressure on their backs.

What are you still holding out for? Start the journey to a Painless Normal Delivery now!

The following activities should inspire you to exercise while pregnant to have a healthy baby. Always exercise sensibly and with guidance from a knowledgeable friend or coach.

Top Painless Normal Delivery Doctors and Gynecologist in Punjab is here to guide you through the exciting early stages of pregnancy, from week-by-week expert guidance on the pregnancy calendar to tips for taking care of a new baby.

Painless Delivery Pregnancy Shuchita Batra

Do You know? the Benefits of Almond Milk while Pregnancy!

When you find out you’re pregnant, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet for the baby’s best nutrition. There are many options to choose from, including various milk varieties, if you are reconsidering your eating options to make healthier decisions.

Almond milk has been around for a very long time, but recently it has become more and more popular. For individuals who are lactose intolerant, want to add diversity to their diet, or just like the consistency and flavor of almond milk, it’s a great healthy drink option.

How many calories does almond milk contain?

Almond milk has fewer calories in comparison to cow milk. You must therefore include it in your diet if you want to keep a healthy balance. It also contains calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin.

Antioxidants: Almond milk contains a lot of vitamin E, an antioxidant that lessens oxidative stress during pregnancy.

Healthy Heart: A respectable level of omega-3 fatty acids are present, which helps to maintain the health of the heart.

Good for Bone Health: Almond milk is a great source of calcium, which will help to fulfill the rise in calcium requirements and so keep your bones healthy and strong.

Prevents High Blood Pressure: Preeclampsia can be brought on by high blood pressure, which is a severe worry during pregnancy. In addition to being high in calcium, almond milk also contains magnesium, which aids in regulating blood pressure.

Helps manage Gestational Diabetes (GDM):  Almonds have a low glycemic index, making them a perfect choice for controlling blood sugar levels during pregnancy. 

Good for Vegans: Almond milk is a good choice if you’re a vegan and you’re not allowed to consume any dairy products. You may use it as milk, in smoothies, and gravies.

Healthy Skin: Almond milk’s vitamin E helps to maintain healthy skin by reducing pigmentation and pimples.

Long shelf life: Almond milk does not require refrigeration for storage. As a result, taking it with you while traveling, working, or waiting for scans, exams, etc., is a great and easier alternative.

How Should You Make Your Almond Milk?

You can add more flavor with a little cinnamon or cocoa powder to boost the flavor. If at all possible, prepare your almond milk, but if not, it is also easily found at grocery stores. It is available in various flavors, sugar-free varieties, calcium-enriched varieties, etc. Nevertheless, preservatives will be present.

How much almond milk is acceptable to drink while pregnant?

Almond milk is generally considered safe to consume while pregnant, except for people who have a history of allergies. However, it is advised to consume it in moderation to prevent any gastrointestinal issues. Make sure to go by the recommendations for a healthy, balanced diet so that you can take pleasure in the best aspects of your life.

If you want Painless Normal Delivery in Punjab? Book Online Consultation with the best Gynecologist in Ludhiana.

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What are the risk factors related to obesity during pregnancy?

There is no doubt that having a high body mass index during the time of pregnancy can badly impact the health of you and your baby as well. So you should make sure to stay away from problems like obesity during the pregnancy period. If you want to take some precautionary tips, then you can get in touch with a Gynecologist In Ludhiana at Ludhiana Gastro and Gynae Centre.

Moreover, they have completed more than ten thousand Painless Normal Delivery in Punjab. And according to the experts of that clinic, pregnant mothers should consume shatavari for breast milk as it promotes the prolactin hormones, which helps to improve breast milk production.

Can high BMI affect pregnancy?

According to some scientific studies, having a high body mass index can cause issues with fertility when a woman is obese, so at that time, chances are higher that she will take a long time to get pregnant. Additionally, a higher body mass index can also make your in vitro fertilization treatment unsuccessful.

How can high BMI affect pregnancy?

As having a high BMI can lead to many complications during pregnancy, and those are:

  • Higher chances of Miscarriage
  • Gestational diabetes can occur
  • High blood pressure can damage your organs and affect pregnancy very badly
  • Heart problems can occur
  • Sleep apnea
  • Risk of C-section complications, such as wound infections

How could obesity affect a baby?

Having a high body mass index can create several types of health complications for a baby, and those are:

  • Congenital disorders
  • fetal macrosomia can occur where the size of the baby is significantly larger than average at birth time
  • Physical Growth problems
  • Childhood asthma can occur
  • Childhood obesity is also common
  • Delays in the development of body parts can occur

How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

You can consider checking your body mass index before the pregnancy because that will give you an idea about how much weight you need to gain during your pregnancy period. And make sure to get help from a professional doctor to know about the dietary plans that can manage your body weight and the health of your organs.

  • Single pregnancy

According to health professionals, your body mass index is around thirty while carrying a baby. So at that time, you need to gain about eleven to twenty pounds. In other words, five to nine kilograms.

  • Multiple pregnancies

If your body mass index is around thirty or higher than this and you are carrying twin or multiple babies at a particular time, you have to gain around twenty-five to forty-two pounds ( about 11 to 19 kilograms).

However, you have to keep in mind that you do not need to gain excessive weight because that can cause issues with your pregnancy.

Final words

Ludhiana Gastro and Gynae Centre provide you with excellent precautionary tips to stay away from the common issues during pregnancy such as obesity.

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Why it is essential to consume nutritional supplements during IVF treatment

According to many studies and health professionals, a balanced diet and proper intake of all necessary vitamins is a key to getting positive outcomes of in vitro fertilisation treatment. To start a successful pregnancy journey, you can get consultancy from a Gynaecologist In Ludhiana at Gastro and Gynae Centre. And experts of this centre will help you with Painless Normal Delivery in Punjab.

Moreover, if you are facing problems like low milk production, then you can take shatavari for breast milk. However, if you will consume all the necessary ingredients, then you do not need to worry about it.

These are the main benefits of consuming supplements or a proper diet

  • Promote production

If you are taking vitamins A, D, E, and K or a properly balanced diet, then chances are high that it will enhance fertility and egg production in your ovaries. But, you should avoid overconsumption of any supplement because it can cause side effects rather than giving positive outcomes. So before starting to take any supplement, make sure to get advice from an expert about the intake of doses because that will help to get your desired results without confronting any health issues.

  • Ovarian follicle survival

When you will take vitamin d supplements or will take them in a natural

process, then it will help to improve the survival rates of ovarian follicles.

Additionally, it will improve not only your health but also the health of your

baby. But, if you are unable to maintain a good level of vitamin d, then

Chances are high that your in vitro fertilisation treatment will not be successful.

  • Prevent problems like miscarriage

In some cases, when women do not consume a good amount of folic

acids so, at that, they can face some issues like early birth, miscarriage, and birth defects. So you need to make sure to consume folic acids writer

in the form of supplements or diet. But before taking any supplement,

get a consultation from an expert because that will provide assistance in making better selections of supplements.

  • Improve the quality of eggs

When your body is getting proper nutrition in any form, such as supplements or natural substances, then it helps to improve the quality of eggs, and ultimately that increases the success rates of in vitro fertilisation treatment. When you take a proper diet and nutrition so, then your body produces more DHEA, and that helps to make eggs stronger.


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Gynae suggested tips to enjoy the painless normal delivery with ease

Congrats on being pregnant!

Indeed, there’s nothing else that can be compared to having your own child growing inside you. The responsibility to grow your life, experience different stages of pregnancy, feel their kicks, talk to them, and see the joy everyone has on their faces to welcome the little one. But there are two sides to everything, and the same goes for pregnancy. Most pregnant women talk to their  Gynecologist In Ludhiana about labor pain and how to manage it. Thankfully, the choice of painless normal delivery with advanced technology and approach has made everything much better.

The gynecologist suggested tips to have a painless normal delivery

Under the supervision of Dr. Shuchita Batra, the entire approach for the Painless Normal Delivery can be planned with utmost comfort and ease. So, to know more about the same and get your pregnancy journey going in the right direction, you should follow the given things:

Tip 1: Relief from stress through yoga

During pregnancy, practicing yoga is extremely beneficial for the well-being of your and your child. You should start practicing the following:

  • Bhramari Pranayama
  • Baddhakonasana

If you don’t know the right technique, then you better take professional assistance to the mudras the correct way.

Tip 2: Get medicines only after consulting the doctor

You can easily get over-the-counter medications to deal with pain or unwanted symptoms during pregnancy. But don’t make any wrong decisions by trying to self-medicate. So, before you take any medication, you need to consult the doctor right away.

Tip 3: Self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is helpful for the pregnant mother. The technique allows the human mind to keep itself in the right state and have better control over the body. Most importantly, it allows the pregnant mother to enjoy the childbirth experience and enjoy each & every step of the journey. To do this, you need to spend at least 30 minutes isolated and in a comfortable state to enjoy this phase. Additionally, practice breathing in & out to enjoy the journey in an exciting manner.

Tip 4: Focus on breathing

While you do yoga, it’s essential to practice breathing in a systematic manner. You need to breathe in & out to keep yourself in a calm state. You need to be gentle and do this for enough time that makes you feel comfortable.

Tip 5: Positive mindset goes a long way

Being positive is extremely crucial. It’s essential to set your mind towards those things that give you a good vibe and let your mind flow with the right thoughts. So, every small step that you take during pregnancy lets you be in a better state.

Final word

Along with these points, it’s essential that you keep yourself surrounded by your loved ones. This way, your mental and physical well-being is all ready for you to deal with the stage of painless normal delivery.

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Detailed gynae guide on planning for painless normal delivery

Enjoy the joy of being pregnant!

No doubt, pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases. To enjoy every bit of the same you need to have the expertise of the best gynae doctor in Ludhiana by your side from start to end. But for pregnant women, this joyous side does bring one stressful side and that is labour pain. The women undergoing labour can get themselves into the procedure of normal delivery process through certain essential steps.

Take care during 9 months of pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important part of a woman’s life and enjoyable phase. Thankfully the revolving and updated technology have allowed pregnant women to ease the labour pain with Painless Normal Delivery in Ludhiana. To get enlightened about the same you should consult the gynecologist and make sure to not miss out on the appointments. In case there’s any problem then do discuss the same with your gynae right away.

Did you know?

After the pregnancy, many mothers complain about lactation i.e. insufficient breast milk. And if that happens then are natural lactation supplements available in the market that are safe for mothers and babies? But, before you take any of these supplements make sure to consult the doctor about the same.

Techniques for painless normal delivery suggested by gynecologist

  • Relax with yoga

Pregnancy can be stressful but you need to keep yourself calm and relaxed. So, for that, there’s nothing better than practicing yoga. You should practice Bhramari Pranayama, and Baddhakonasana to reduce pain.

Be cautious!

Any type of medication should not be taken on your own as it can be harmful to you and the infant.

  • Exercise make the body and mind calm

Just like yoga, doing exercise is a great way to keep the body and mind calm. Most importantly, it keeps the entire body in a balanced state and helps things to get much easier & effective. Moreover, the benefits of exercise can be noticed through:

  • Healthy placenta
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve respiration
  • Decrease heartburn
  • Remove tiredness
  • Gather information about labour and delivery

The concept of painless childbirth is still a new phenomenon for many. But, the imperative part is to keep the human mind and body in control. For a joyful childbirth experience, it’s important to keep yourself aware of every minute of information that’s essential. Essentially you should try to de-stress and relax at every step of pregnancy. Along with that gather all the necessary information about the different phases of pregnancy that includes labour and delivery.

Additionally, it’s important to start in advance so that the body is prepared when the time comes.

  • Keep yourself positive

Pregnancy can be tough but that does not mean you should let negative thoughts come to your mind.

Have any doubts?

Schedule an initial consultation at Ludhiana Gastro & Gynae Centre,  Don’t hesitate to ask any question that comes to your mind.

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Low Supply Of Milk For Breastfeeding And How To Increase It?

Do you know the best way to ensure a healthy supply of breast milk is to start early? Yes, breastfeed your child frequently and also make sure that your baby is latching on to it properly.

There are many women who have difficulty having a healthy supply of milk, especially during the early weeks of breastfeeding. Get proper High risk Pregnancy Care Treatment In Punjab and find the solution for such a situation.

With problems in breastfeeding, most mothers are left with no options but to move towards weaning or formula feeding.

What Are The Main Causes Of The Low Supply Of Milk Production In Women?

There are many reasons why we see an inadequate amount of milk production in women for breastfeeding. Meet a Gynaecologist Doctor in Ludhiana to check the real issue of a low supply of milk. Some of the common causes are:

  1. Having delays in breastfeeding the child after the delivery. Or if there is a separation between the mother and child, such as due to requirements of shifting the baby to the special care nursery. Also, if the mother is unwell right after the delivery.
  1. There is a poor attachment between the baby and the breast, which happens for many reasons, including flat or inverted nipples, a sleepy baby because of jaundice, a tongue or lip tie or prolonged or difficult delivery.
  1. A low supply of milk can also happen if the mother is unwell because of certain issues such as retained placental tissues, mastitis or large blood loss after the mother births the child.
  1. If the mother has incorporated a scheduled or timed feeding instead of feeding the child as per their demand.
  1. If the woman is taking an oral contraceptive pill that contains estrogen in it.
  1. If the mother is corporating both formula feeding as well as breastfeeding.
  1. If the mother is skipping breastfeeds, instead offer supplement formula feed. And also not storing the breast milk at the time to make sure that the supply continues to meet the demand of the child.
  1. If the mother has been using a nipple shield or dummies for a very long period of time.
  1. If the mother has a habit of smoking.

How To Increase Milk Supply For Breastfeeding?

These are some common tips that might help you increase the milk supply for breastfeeding.

  1. You should make sure that the baby is attached to the breast and remove the milk without any difficulty from the nipple.
  1. You should be prepared to feed your baby more often. You would have to breastfeed on demand every 2 – 3 hours at least eight times in 24 hours.
  1. You should try to switch your baby from one breast to another after some time. You should offer each breast at least twice.
  1. You should ensure that you emptied your breast well in each feeding or pumping session. You can also store your breast milk to ensure that you do not go longer than 5 hours without the removal of milk.

 Final Comments

Contact Gynae And Uro Clinic and book your appointment now to learn more about lactation post delivery.

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Act immediately and reduce your high-risk pregnancy chances

How to take care of early high-risk pregnancy?

Be it early or high-risk pregnancy, it’s important to be prompt every time. Otherwise, you are giving it the chance of increasing complications. A high-risk pregnancy is problematic for mother and child. You need to get yourself medical assistance from one of the best gynae doctor in Ludhiana to make the entire process manageable. Therefore, it’s all about being careful and taking quick action to ensure you don’t have any problems later.

Contributor of high-risk pregnancy

Some of the major contributors to high-risk pregnancy are:

  • Birth defects
  • Multiple gestations
  • Other factors

A high-risk pregnancy can be managed, and you must look for the best possible ways to prevent the same. Therefore, take prompt action under the expert supervision of the High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Ludhiana. The doctor’s assistance will guide you towards the necessary steps and ensure all the complications are prevented on time.

How to prevent a high-risk pregnancy?

Here are some of the tips you should take to prevent chances of High Risk Pregnancy:

Tip 1: Medical assistance is the first step toward the right care

If you are thinking about trying to get pregnant, then consult a medical expert at the earliest. The gynae will thoroughly check your condition and ease your way to a smooth pregnancy. If there’s any condition that can be a complication, the doctor suggests the High Risk Pregnancy treatment for effective results. Health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes contribute to health complications. So, it’s necessary to explore all the necessary options beforehand.

Tip 2: Be proactive and take necessary precautions

You need to be cautious to prevent chances of having complications. In case your previous pregnancy has been problematic, then take action accordingly. Make sure to inform your gynae about everything. By doing so, she will guide you toward the necessary treatment plan that prevents any major complications.

Tip 3: Check for chances of birth defects

You have to get tested for birth defects and genetic problems. The necessary test which you have to get is down syndrome through non-invasive testing. There are high chances that your baby will get the same. So, to limit the chances of the same, you need to be prompt in getting medical attention.

Tip 4: Don’t miss out on prenatal visits

It’s essential to be regular with your prenatal visits all the time. With regular monitoring the  complications and health concerns are reduced. In case there’s a problem, then you are asked to consult a specialist.

Tip 5: Live a lifestyle that benefits your well-being

Now, there’s no concern about the same. You must follow a proper health regime for a healthy and smooth pregnancy. In case you have gestational diabetes, then take necessary actions accordingly. No matter what sort of health concern you have, be prompt in seeking medical care.

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Gynae Guide: Safe and smooth pregnancy with painless normal delivery

Inventive technique: Painless Normal Delivery

Are you expecting? Congratulations!

Indeed! Pregnancy is one of the most cherished and happy phases of a woman’s life. Experiencing the joy that her little one is growing inside her, and within the next nine months, she will meet the tiny little bean. That joy cannot be summed up in a few words. But, apart from that joy, most women think about what it will be like to go through labor pain and whether the process will go any smoother.

Well! All that is easily possible by getting assistance from one of the best gynae doctor in Ludhiana for proper assistance. The gynecologist will share the latest and most inventive treatment option available at present, i.e., Painless Normal Delivery.

Painless Normal Delivery: Safe and Beneficial

During painless normal delivery or labor analgesia (Epidural) delivery, the gynae doctor uses a specific drug concentration to limit labor pain. The drug aims to take down the labor pain and help the woman push the baby out of her body. If your pregnancy involves some risk, you need to consult the High-Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Ludhiana on, ‘How to plan for painless normal delivery?’

Do you know?

Most women describe labor pain as extreme menstrual cramps, a broken bone, and bad back pain. This is why more emphasis is given to increasing the count of painless normal delivery in Ludhiana. And try to reduce the chances of C-sections.

What happens during painless normal delivery?

The painless normal delivery includes a thin plastic tube and a needle to administer the drug. The epidural reduces contraction pain and makes it reach an acceptable level.

Benefits of painless normal delivery

Benefit 1: Reduces postpartum complications

The pain level decreases, and the mother can cherish the delivery time. Most importantly helps to make her feel relaxed and limit exhaustion and irritation.

Benefit 2: Don’t let blood pressure go higher

Most importantly, the blood pressure level doesn’t go higher as it’s known for, resulting in extremely dangerous situations.

Benefit 3: Keep muscles relaxed during delivery

The epidural allows the baby to come out from the body without causing much pain. Moreover, the vaginal and pelvic muscles get relaxed.

Benefit 4: Helps to deal with cardiac complications

Painless normal delivery has proven beneficial for mothers with an increased risk of getting cardiac complications. It’s the way the procedure works that brings a difference in undergoing the delivery.

Benefit 5: Best choice for women for are elderly

For women who are above 30 should get this option. It’s because the body pain-bearing level goes down with age. Therefore, the given approach works best to ensure the body won’t suffer that much pain during labor.

How long does the epidural effect last?

Once the baby is delivered, the catheter delivering epidural will be removed from the body. Ideally, the effect lasts for around 2 to 4 hours on a normal basis.